How Long Will It Take to Heal Me?

“I don’t know.”  I respond.  Clients ask this and I guess it is a reasonable question.

 I say, “I don’t know if you will heal through the work”- there are no guarantees.  No doctor or therapist can give you a guarantee that you will get over this or that,  because it is out of there control. 

I put my attention, intention and love into a healing and that is my part the rest is up to forces beyond me and my control.  

People want a guarantee, I think, because they want to feel safe. They want to know they are using their money wisely.  And they also, want to (now this is hard to swallow) give up responsibility for their own healing.

I think the people who heal with me, come ready to heal.  They have done the ground work getting their thoughts, actions and beliefs lined up to support their upcoming transformation.  T

Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Healer, Heal Through Spirit., Seattle WA

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