Torn teddy bear on ground suggesting a need to heal trauma through intuitive, psychic, faith, theta healing with Colby Wilk

Free and informed by the past

Gently and compassionately clients are helped to open safely to hard emotions and to aspects of themselves they may have denied, forgotten or abandoned.

Clients are helped to feel safe by directing their energetic field into a more open and centered space. Spirit Guides, the Divine, Angels, and Fairy Folk hold space so that a client’s field is modulated so he/she is not overwhelmed by processing what happened. Specific physical movements, spiritual practices and breath may be used to bring feelings to the surface. Emotions are safely experienced and released, leaving clients with a greater sense of well being.

Colby is absolutely present. He may push you to work on yourself, but does so gently and with wonderful humor. He is a combination of being honest and direct while being loving and supportive. He leaves his ego at the door and is remarkably gifted. I feel safe to unfold with him.

Pat Owen

Bellevue, WA

Colby’s humor and lightness create an environment where the deepest and heaviest inner work is done with grace and ease. His attitude makes it easy for you to learn to trust yourself.

Dhyana Nancy White

Edmonds, WA