At some point in life, we lose someone. Sometimes that pain feels as if will consume us. Hopefully, we enter into the grief process and emerge accepting and maybe even more loving, trusting and open.

But sometimes, some folks get stuck. These people are unable to move on and accept the change of circumstances.

The process I use to move someone through grief can involve energetic practices, movement, breath and role play.

After 20 years of marriage, my husband died from pancreatic cancer. I was in a tremendous amount of emotional pain about our marriage, his death and fear of the future for me and my young children. I don't claim to understand what Colby does, but after two sessions with Colby my husband’s death is bearable - I have been able to help my daughters begin to heal from the death of their father and have cleaned out the garage. I am very familiar with loss, having buried 3 other immediate family members and the quickest and also most long-lasting healing from the grief that I have experienced has been working with Colby Wilk.

Elysia Nelson

Hair Designer
Enumclaw, WA