Healing Your Boredom

People come to me for change.  They do, but in truth, many come because they can not be with boredom.

“Nothing is happening.”  I am so unispired” they say.

Let me tell you, you can not force inspiration to show up.  You can not compel passion to flow through you. You can not end boredom by wanting it to end.

What you  can do is:

1.  Invite a Muse in relationship to YOUR High Self to be with you, to help you.  Yep, there is such a thing as a Muse.  A being that is in its essence is the the seed of inspiration.  Invite them and then let them work with you/through you to open you to purpose. mission.  I see them as very attractive men and woman who were light flowey robes who wipers into peoples ears, dust off your boats and use the feelings of intrigue and curiosity to inspire people.  They do not push, harangue or yell.  There messages are sutle and beautiful.

2.  Get still.  Now, i know you are saying, “i am bored, I have nothing to do…I am still.”  You are not still, you are inpatient.  Go into the boredom and find a place to sit deep within yourself.  Yup, get comfortable.. very comfortable and sit.   Stop resisting the opportunity that boredom offers- the chance to know yourself, to sit inside yourself without having to do sopmething.  Welcome yourself into the world of being.

Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Healers, Heal through Spirit.com




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