Healing Anxiety Spiritually Through Theta Healing in Seattle

As a spiritual and theta healer I see people suffering with anxiety who desire a different relationship with life. They want to feel fulfilled and satisfied, but that seems to allude.  An anxious person’s circumstances may be good, but they are unable to feel good.  An anxious person’s  energetic settings can produce a lack of mental clarity.  They seem unable to relax and enjoy life because in many cases they can not relax and let go.  Their energy field does not allow them to “calm down” since calming down would expose the anxious person to danger and potential death.  

Anxiety what is it?

Everyone feels  anxious sometimes.  There can be situations that bring up anxiety for people: losing a loved one, getting fired from a job, going through a divorce, and other difficult situations can lead a person to feel sad, lonely, scared, nervous, or anxious.  Negative feelings can be “normal” reactions to life’s stressor.

Two Types of Anxiety

1.  Some, individuals have anxiety  that continue for days, weeks or even months and years.  It is their general disposition to be anxious.  Therapists refer to this as an anxiety mood disorder.  For some people with an anxiety disorder, overwhelming worry and fear is constant.  People with an anxiety disorder can have obsessive thoughts, feelings of panic, trouble sleeping, heart palpitations, cold or sweaty hands.

2.  There are  people with a personality that leans towards being anxious, nervous, doubtful without being so severe they have a diagnoses. Think of a person who bites his/her nails, worries about the future, may go back to make sure he/she unplugged the toaster when they leave the house. 

Science is not sure what causes anxiety.  Low serotonin level/s, poor site receptor cells and a small hypothalamus have all been sited as potential causes.  To learn more about what science knows and does not yet know watch this video. 

Healing Anxiety Spiritually

When I look at a person’s energetic field who has signs of anxiety many times I see the problem is an over buildup of negative emotions and thoughts.  Anxious people minds are quick.  They think fast and there can be a lack of space between thoughts.  This hyper vigilant state does not to allow the anxious person’s intuition to enter their consciousness.  They feel disconnected from themselves and others. The anxious person wonders if they matter, if life will work out and obsess about what to do next.  The anxious person’s brain races and chatters filling their energetic field with worry. Calm and a higher sense of knowing cannot get through the noise and chatter of the anxious person’s brain.  And as a result the physical body is overrun with toxic energy resulting in a lack of mental clarity and eventually physical aches, pain and illness.  The racing brain and toxic system creates a nasty cycle that feeds on itself creating more worry, fatigue and mental exhaustion.

“I knew that you were a powerful guy, but your work was truly astonishing and immediate! I feel so much better, and feel that some major shifts are still taking place. After cutting off contact for years and feeling resentful, I called my x-partner and he and I are going to have dinner to talk about healing the relationship and ourselves. My outlook shifted, my thoughts are clearer and my body feels cleaner. Wow!”

Richard Jessup
Body Worker
Palm Springs, CA

Many medical practitioners have told anxious people to slow their brain down by mediting, doing yoga and walking in the park.  These practices are helpful, but sometimes the over anxious person can not get enough “ground” under them to execute the practice successfully.  Trying to slow down a brain that has been left to run a amok can be like slowing a scared horse at full gallop or trying to find a clean spot to have a five course meal in a toxic dump.  

How do  I help an anxious person?  The root causes of a person’s anxiety can be varied.  Fnding an exit channel for the person’s “negative” energy to leave their field can result in immediate relief. A brain setting in overdrive can be a result of  a trauma or stress. Releasing the trauma can unlock the energetic field and then teaching the field what safety feels like can result in dramatic shifts.  Also, releasing subconscious beliefs of feeling attacked, being a target and feeling unprotected can result in getting of fear and doubt.  People leave with a revitalized sense of self and a greater sense of well being.  Many have said after a session/s “I feel like me again.” 

Once the field has settings that are more consistent with a calmer vibration, I train a formerly anxious person to stay calm by teaching and showing them how to modify their energetic field.  I train them to be more consistent with their true self and their calmer divine vibration, regardless of circumstances.  I teach them how to connect to their highest selves so they know on the deepest level they are not alone and everything will work out just fine.  

“I always like to talk to Colby before a vacation. I don’t know how or why it works but it does. After a session I am relaxed and refreshed and grounded and I know I can take myself back there. He makes sure I actually relax for my vacations and use them to rejuvenate. Without my session it’s likely my vacations would cause more stress than joy and even make me sick! Thank goodness he gets me rooted to my intention of deep peace, and it works.”

Laurie Gerber
President of the Private Coaching Division of the Handel Group

What You Can Do

If you are facing off with anxiety notice  whether you believe your true essence races, chatters and carries on with worry?  Does the higher, more divine part of yourself feel the way you do about life?  If the larger part of you is calmer, more connected, more trusting then your experience of life may be skewed.  What if you could have a larger perspective like that of your higher self? Get quiet and ask to connect with your true essence now.  Ask that you change your vibration to be more calm, more peaceful, etc. 

And if you would like some help, contact me. 

Colby Wilk, MA Originally a counselor /coach, Colby recognized that there was a power beyond traditional therapeutic methods that could shift what seems unchangeable- the very core of a person.  Through spiritual healing, Colby teaches people to create a magical relationship with themselves and with life.  He trains others to be their own teacher, to access spiritual states and to overcome blocks.  In addition to classes and in person and phone sessions, Colby offers free weekly healings through his website: www.HealThroughSpirit.com


  1. Theta Healing on June 17, 2010 at 8:00 am

    Theta Healing can empower people to move forward in life more positively. It is important to remember though that conscious chatter needs to be checked and where necessary re-framed, as a person will of course get into habits of negative thinking over time which need to be rectified.
    Theta Healing

  2. Theta Healing on July 1, 2010 at 9:07 am

    Theta Healing can empower people to move forward in life more positively. It is important to remember though that conscious chatter needs to be checked and where necessary re-framed, as a person will of course get into habits of negative thinking over time which need to be rectified.

  3. marie on July 17, 2010 at 8:24 am

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  4. Alex on October 22, 2010 at 4:54 pm

    People always see on TV others popping pills and that is usually their choice. I guess that since medication is tangible and since spiritual healing is not they just stay away from it. It'd quite a shame…

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