Heal Your Spirit: Change Your Expectations

What do you expect? Do you expect that cute guy to call you or blow you off?  Is your boss going to snob you at today’s meeting or shower you with praise?  Do you catch yourself playing out negative scenarios where you practice what you will say?  Look and see what do you think will happen?

It is not what we do not know that is the problem it is what we think we know that is problematic.

What you expect gives an indication to how high or low you are vibrating.  I know people who speak the spiritual lingo: they don’t say “should” or “try”, but when they are not pretending to be elevated you can catch their real scent.  They expect the worst and their lives reflect their secret expectations even though they are saying nice, pretty words.  They are working the Law of Attraction, but are not paying attention to a more powerful law: the law of Frequency.  Life unfolds how you expect it to.   

I know many people who are very talented and do not do very well and I know others who  are not as talented yet do very well.  Why do some people’s lives seem to magically unfold while others seem to struggle: expectation

If you are seeking to really change your life catch onto what you expect. 

Ask yourself what is your ideal life: where will you live, with who, what will your days look like?   Get good and into the ideal future.  See the yachts, the multiple homes, the gorgeous lover.  

Now, what do you think will most probably happen to you?  Is the yacht still there or has it converted to an occasional ride on the Bambridge Ferry. Is the gorgeous lover still there or has he/she converted to a loyal pet?  Is your probable future different than your ideal future ?   If it is you have some work to do on what you expect so that your ideal future can manifest as your real future.    

Colby Wilk, Spiritual Healer, Heal Through Spirit, Seattle, WA








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