Getting Complete Without Needing to Say Anything

People want to communicate in order to move on.  Communicate the truth as they see it.  Communicate hwo the other person’s actions impacted them.  Communicate an apology.  

However, in many cases this opportunity is not possible or not forthcoming.  For instance, the guy that will not call you back after dating you, the brother who dies who you don’t get to say goodbye to, the boss you don’t get to tell off because of political reasons all do not offer to opportunity to communicate.  Because of the lack of opportunity to communicate one can be left to wonder and hope: “If only, i could find out the truth, then…” or “If only, I could have said what i needed to…”  This wonder and hope leaves you stuck and unable to move on.  In these cases the only way to move on is to Let Go. Let go of what should have happened, what could have happened.

Most of us have no clue how to let go. We may no how to give up, how to walk away in anger and resentment, but not know how to let go.  Why don’t we know how to let go, because letting go is based in faith, faith that what is a happening is what was best and that a better , more suitable situation is on the way for all. If you are in a situation you can not seem to get complete in yourself attempt to let go.  Let go of how it should have been, what should have happened.

Colby Wilk, Theta and Spiritual Healer, Heal through Spirit, Seattle WA

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