Getting a Miracle

As a spiritual healer I see people who want/need a miracle.  Some people seem more prone to miracles than others.

On my fridge, I have a chart that is the year in review.  Years ago I would write what happened throughout the year in two columns: ‘good’ and ‘bad’  Over the year the chart would fill and a the end of the year i would be able to remember the events of the year and see what progress I was making. 

Now, my chart on the fridge only list Miracles.  Why?  If my chart says “Miracles” then my mind will look for them and I will start to notice them.  I will notice waking up feeling extraordinary as a miracle, finding a parking spot downtown on a Wednesday afternoon as a miracle, my body healing my self from a cut as a miracle.  Train yourself to see miracles–see miracles.  

If you want a miracle: to fall in love, to get an extraordinary job, to know more fully the awe of the Maker relish in daily miracles.  Talk about the miracles that are occurring around you.  Catch yourself complaining and stop and start talking about what is extraordinarily miraculous in your life.    

Once you get used to seeing miracles in your life asking for a miracle that would have seemed “huge” may seem like just another miraculous act of the Divine. 

Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Healer, Heal Through Spirit, Seattle WA

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