Get an Expert Now!

When I see a man who is older than me and seems wise I  ask him what advise would he have for me if I were his son.  This morning at a gym the cutest man in the world told me this.

“Get an expert.  An expert for every area of your life.  You need a team of people around you.”

It made me think of the areas I have experts in.  I have my friend Ed who helps me with investments, my friend Shoshana who helps me with cooking and food choices, etc.  In those areas I have success.

Ummmmmm. Experts = Greater Success.

And I thought were I don’t have an expert.  It occurred to me quickly the area that I have lack I have no expert. I have no one to guide me, no one to advise me or mentor me. And I thought about it: I don’t even know anyone who is even competent in the area.  

There is an old saying if you want to be successful hang with successful people.  I say do more than hang. Take their advise and watch how they direct their lives.  Learn from them.  Stop complaining to people with the same life condition, instead find someone who is where you want to be and observe, ask, copy and repeat!

Where do you have lack?  Do you have an expert in that area in your life?  Someone who can guide you, mentor you?

Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Healer, Heal through Spirit, Seattle WA

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