Person's hand holding a compass seeking directioin through intuitive healing

Finding purpose

There is a lot of confusion about purpose.  Some confuse purpose with what they do for a living. Others believe if they found their purpose they would find peace and their life would work.  Ekhart Tolle gives us two distinctions for inner and outer purpose.

There is quite a shift after our session. It has been months. There is a new person walking around in my body. My mind is not consumed with worries, instead, I am able to put my attention on what I would like to happen. I am back in the space I used to be in where I was able to watch life unfold intentionally.

Julia Hill

Office Manger
Seattle, WA

Inner purpose

Inner life purpose is  how to “be” in your life.  Do you move with joy, ease, excitement, peace? Or do you move from one frustration, one disappointment to the next?  Most people do not live from moment to moment in the joy of the present. Instead, they live in the past or future.

These folks bounce around. They limit how good they allow their life to become, and when life gets too good they create drama. When I talk to the Divine about life purpose, I have the impression that Creator wishes we would allow ourselves to be ecstatically happy. He/she/it simply wants us to be “in joy” in our lives. To do this, we must give up our addiction to doing and have a moment-to-moment relationship with life. This requires that we live outside of our “mind” and instead live in our senses, in our bodies, in the now.

I teach clients how to operate their "psychic anatomy" so they can direct their energy field into higher and higher states of well-being.  Connecting with the Divine is not happenstance; it is the result of directing your attention into well-being.

Woman crossing a bridge seeking purpose through intuitive, theta, psychic healing

I have spent years searching for what I want to do. I came to the session with several possible directions/occupations. Colby was able to have me experience (really experience) what each job would feel like if I pursued it. I feel certain in my direction, in a way I have never felt before.

Sheldon Bellite

Massage Therapist and Real Estate Investor
New York, NY
Person on an arrow seeking sefl direction through intuitive healing

Outer purpose

Outer purpose is secondary to inner purpose.  For many, outer purpose is what we do for a living.  It gives us a solid sense of an identity.  People can get lost in the stress of finding their outer purpose.  Most stress, depression, and anxiety is the result of putting outer purpose ahead of inner purpose.

Outer purpose is what you do in the world: your occupation or hobby or your role in your family.  It is what you are most curious about.  It is your passion.  It is what gives you joy. When you do it, you feel great. You feel connected to you, others, and life.

The key to finding an outer purpose that is a true reflection of your spirit is by following what is pleasurable.  Yup, I said it!  It is not about getting down to work and completing check lists.  It is about allowing yourself to enjoy life, to be willing to give up suffering as your way of being.

Suffering is taught in our culture, and by our parents, and is in our very DNA as a means to ensure survival.  I help clients to find their outer purpose by helping them to feel safe and accept themselves. With self-acceptance comes the clarity of their outer purpose.