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Enhancing your intuitive “gifts”

We are all born with intuitive “gifts."  Some of us are psychics, designed to gain information from higher planes, the dead and our guides.  Others are gifted at sensing healing energies and targeting those energies to alleviate physical and emotional suffering.   

Regardless of the skill set that you were born with, you can increase the power of your skills, even if your gifts have been dormant and are undiscovered. 

Folks seeking to increase their intuitive skill set need mentoring and encouragement to open to their gifts safely. I encourage people who are interested in developing their skills to first examine their motivation.  I have learned that many seek to have an edge on life, or want to gain power, but do not really want to evolve their own consciousness.  With me, these folks take the journey to explore what they feel they are too afraid to face.  For many feel they do not belong here in a body, on the Earth, or in a physical existence. They are afraid to "be."


Man looking up in front of a night sky finmding his palce through intuitive, psychic healing

Welcome to your true calling

Some people find themselves overwhelmed by their spiritual calling.  Their gifts may leave  them out of balance and may even prompt physical symptoms such as headaches or increased sensitivities.

Even though the energies of higher consciousness are by their nature "good," they can dysregulate a person's system.

Together, we work to resolve emotional blocks and learn how to bring the increased energy in the system into balance. 

Colby taught me how to access my own gifts as a healer. I had no idea I had a tool for healing that was native to me. He did not teach it to me—he released me to it. I have been using “my gift” and have been getting amazing results.

Alisa Syling

Coach and Healer
Seattle, WA

I experienced the Divine! Wow! I know how to access God.  Wow!

Jody Knighten

Massage Therapist
Seattle, WA

Thank you for guiding me  into our deepest connection.  You did it with pure love.

Stacy Witt

Energy Healer and Mom
Seattle, WA