Does God Really Exist? A Spiritual Healer's Perspective

“Does God really exists? “ he asks.   He has just learned I am a Spiritual Healer.   I am at a party.  I just met this guy.  He wants to argue: “Why if there is a God do so many terrible things happen?”

I have learned not to engage in a debate about God’s existence- no matter how cute the guy is.

God’s existence cannot be proven.  Just like our existence can not be really proven either.  God existence can only be experienced.  In in the experience of God, God can become more real.  

This man I am avoiding debating lacks faith.  In my experience faith comes to those who want it.  If you want God in your life, I have learned to invite him/her/it in.  Attempting to understand if there is a God through the mind does not get you to the truth of the realty of God

I invite you to pray to God, the Creator, the Lord or whatever form of higher consciousness you are comfortable with to make his/her/its presence known to you. 

How he/she/it shows up can come in a variety of forms so be on the lookout. 

Colby Wilk, Heal Through Spirit, Spiritual and Theta Healer, Seattle WA


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