Your DNA Sings

After many years, I had an opportunity to spend time with my cousin and my Uncles. While I was with them I noticed a strange feeling in my body- like singing. Something in my was singing!   I looked and I looked again.  And I looked further and it was….my…my ..DNA! 

It/they was singing!

This explained so much to me.  I have always felt a loyalty to my family that could not be explained.  The reason I would give money to a relative without question or stop everything for family member is not because of personality, obligation or training. It is simply my genetic material recognizing themselves in another vehicle.  It was pure joy-love listening to the chorus the DNA made. This is why I was so happy being with my extended family- DNA was having a reunion!

Colby Wilk, Theta and Spiritual Healer, Seattle, WA

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