Curing Depression Through Spiritual Healing in Seattle

Many people want to feel better, but don’t want to do the things that will make them feel better.  

Notice that when you don’t feel good, when you are depressed you tend to want to eat and do things that are not in your best in the long term interest.  When you are in a “depressed” place you pick up the cookie, take unneeded naps and watch TV.  When you are not depressed you make better choices: exercise, greens and intentional adventure.  

Your Wiring

Many of us come from long lines of people who were unhappy. Unhappiness can be wired into your DNA. Happiness for long periods can actually be uncomfortable because it is so foreign to your psychical and energy body.  How come your depressed?  You may not be, may never have been wired for anything else.  

But wait, don’t get depressed you can feel better

Rediscover Happyness

As a Spiritual Healer I help people to retrain and convert  their DNA to accept joy, happiness and ease.  Your brain rewires and you can feel happy- maybe for the first time.  After a session I hear many former depressives  say, “I feel normal.  This must be what normal feel like.”

Yes, it is magical, but there is still work for the client to do.  A former depressive must create the habit of happiness.  They must seek out things to intentionally inspire them. A former depressed person may now have a new blueprint, but they can still have some habits that encourage depression. 

I recommend everyone  intentionally do something to be inspired.  Who might you be/become if you looked for things things to uplift you?  Maybe watch this video for start?

Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Healer, Heal Through Spirit, Seattle WA 


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