Choose a Secure Object

What makes you feel secure?  

I rarely leave my dog, Glen.  I say that she does not like to be without me, which I imagine is true.  But, the truth is I don’t like to be without her.  Her being makes me feel safe.  She is a crutch, but the best kind. My dog is what therapist would call, “a secure object”  A child’s secure object is usually their mother.  They look back to make sure she is there when they take a precarious step.  Her presence makes the child feel safe and allows the child to access their courage to take risks.  

Unfortunately, many adults choose objects to be secure that are not secure: food, drugs, alcohol, etc. These objects by their nature facilitate a person’s vibration to not increase, but to become erratic.

What is your secure object?  What object makes you feel secure?  Makes you feel at home?  For some it is their lover, for others a pet, for others an object.  

Consider if the object you consider your secure object is really secure.  Is your lover stable enough in your life for you to count on.  If not you are in for an uncomfortable ride.  You can keep the lover, but get a new an object that is really secure. Many relationships fail because on is counting on the other to make them feel safe-that is a lot of pressure in relationship.

Consider what object makes you feel safe and it is an object that is secure enough to count on?

Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Healer, Heal Through Spirit, Seattle WA

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