Cheat or Be Extraordinary!

Many people like to complain. “Why this has not happened?”  “Why this continue to happen.” Why, why why?

Sometimes, it is because you are cheating.  Yes, I said it you are cheating! If you are not having success in an area of your life, my bet is you are cheating.  You are not playing by your own rules.  

If you want to be in love in a monogamous relationship, stop sleeping around with men/woman you know are not appropriate.  Stop doing what you know you have judgement about.  If you know you want to be healthy stop hiding behind artificial sweeteners.  Stop!  There are true and tested methods of success- employ them without any gimics.  

You don’t get to wait to be the person you want to be until your lover shows up!  Now is the moment to be who you say you want to be.  You get to have it all.  You get to be extraordinary, but only if you dare. Everyone would be thin, rich and connected to God if it required little effort and not a lot of discipline.  

Recognize you are cheating.  Where are you cutting around corners and pretending to not notice?  Where do you not see your life is changing for the better?  Where do you hide the facts from your friends and family about what you do when know one is looking? Admit it you are cheating!  Consider the results may not be yours because of you- not because of some mystery.  Clean up your act and see the results role in.  

Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Healer, Heal through Spirit, Seattle WA

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