Change Karma: How to Unlock Stuckness

I enjoy being perceived as having “super powers”.  Some think I can change their lives with a wave of my hand, a chant or a prayer.  it is fun and sometimes miracles do happen, but more than often to change a person’s circumstances requires more intricate work. It involves a change of karma.

How to Change Karma?

Yes, I am an intuitive and am good at perceiving how life will probably unfold if you take this or that option, but it is missing the point.  It is not about utilizing a psychic to get more, better, or different.  It is not about tying to bend the odds to your wishes so you are more likely to get what you want like a gambler at a casino getting the inside track on how his/her poker hand will pay out.

I have seen it over and over people trying to change their circumstances without accepting what is.

When I work with someone with what seems like a hole in their life that refuses to fill.. I ask the client’s beings what would it take to change there love life, their job status, etc. Most often, I hear it this is not about fulfilling the area with the client’s perceived desire, but assisting the client to feel connected to LIFE. This this area that seems absent of life, is in fact pointing to the work that the client is here to do.

Consider that whatever you are trying to change that has not changed is maybe… KARMA.

What is Karma?

Karma is not meant to punish as if you have been bad with love leaving behind a lot of broken hearts in a past life and therefore in this life your lover can not be met.  Rather Karma, I believe is to assist you to learn how to have equanimity in an area.  To gain equanimity is for the most part, a path of learning to not overuse your influence to get your way, regardless of your impact.  And Karma can be a path to learn to not be victimized by being without the fulfillment of that area.

You may have incarnated in this incarnation to be without this or that so you learn to accept that situation, even grow to appreciate its absence.   Not accepting and relentlessly trying to change it is like pushing a boulder up hill: pointless and a lot of work. This life may have been constructed so you you can learn balance in an area that threw you out of balance in the past.

I hear you grumbling.  “Is there no hope for me?”, you ask.  ” Are you saying I can not have what I have been desiring for so long?” No, I am not.

How You Can Change Your Karma?

When you learn to accept, be grateful for your circumstances, even be peaceful about it, you enter a deeper calmer vibration.  With this equanimity you are more in concert with the Everything and with that in harmony with how things work.  From there you are more able to co-create with the Divine.

So, in short if you are without and in pain about it, consider accepting it, getting peaceful about it moving into equanimity about it.

Colby Wilk
Spiritual, Theta, Embodiment and Energy Healer, Seattle, WA

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