Can You Heal Me?

“Can you heal me?”  I can make no promises.  I have witness amazing thing happen. “Will you heal me?”   I explain, “I am not the healer.  I am not doing the work.  I can not promise you anything.”  

I explain other than trying my best, I offer my intention, attention and love in a session.  I attempt to get out of the way so the healing and information that can come through comes through

“Can you heal, me?”  “I don’t know.  It is my intention that you do, but I can not make a promises”  

“Can Theta Healing heal this?” Maybe, Theta has the possibility of healing anything.  “But will it heal it?” they ask. I have seen theta healing heal many things and change aspects of a person’s illness/dysfunction. Sometimes people heal miraculous in one session, sometime it takes several, and sometimes the complaint they came for does not seem to resolve, but other things may change.   The vast majority of my clients report a change in their lives

In a world where many over promise; I refuse.  It is important to me that I tell the truth and stay in integrity with my the work that I am “gifted” to do.

I advise potential clients to sit and see if they are called to spiritual healing as a means to raise the level of satisfaction and fulfilment of life.  Sit and get quit, spiritual healing is not the only answer, it is one of many. Ask, what calls me?  

Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Healer, Heal through Spirit, Seattle, WA

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