Between Overwhelm and Frustration

Some people move between overwhelm and frustration and spend little time in satisfaction. There life is full of drama, intrigue and unease.

Just as one mistep concludes another and other is taken.  There is always something going wrong.

Why do some people have so much instability and drama?   

Some prefer the pace of drama then go into what they would rather not deal with.  Past abuse, trauma, negative feelings can all be on the list.  While others, are too attached to how things should be and put their need to have things go a certain way on others.  “People should not treat others that way.”  “This is wrong.”  They get angry, instead of allowing others to lead their own lives they way they want to.  Still others, play and replay scenarios in their mind keeping themselves contemplating disaster and therefore attracting it.  The old saying what you focus on you attract is pertinent here.

So how do you move out of overwhelm and frustion.  First see that you can. See that others are not bouncing back and fourth between the two and therefore you can as well.  Notice when you are putting your ideas of right and wrong on others, practice letting others live they way they want without judgement.  Notice when you are ruminating about something that may or may not happen. And when you have drama ask am I really upset about what is currently going on or am I finding an outlet for an unhealed wound.   Lastly and most importanlty pray and ask for help from source to bring more satisfaction and calm into your life and heart.

Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Healer, Heal Through Spririt, Seattle WA




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