Being Spiritual is Overrated!

Recently I went to the Northwest Naraya (a Native American Spirit Dance) and a modern wizard, Charles. pointed out a distinction: Spiritual vs Spirited.

I don’t like spiritual people.  I find them boring, uninteresting and full of crap.  They tend to read books by people wearing purple and have stickies on their mirror that say” I love myself”.  There is a place for books by purple clad people and affirming sticky notes. However, in many cases the spiritual people are disassociated and using their spirituality as a means to cope with dysfunction rather than stepping away from it or resolving it.  

You know you have come upon a spiritual person when you must watch your speech around them.  You correct yourself.  You consciously stop yourself from saying “should” and complaining.  You may think that is a good thing: watch what you say or the power of attraction is gonna get you like the boogie man.  Consider that watching what you say, because you are going to be corrected by a spiritual person is  a contraction, rather than an expansion. It does not feel freeing to be with the spiritual people it feels tight and closed.  

Now consider the spirited people.  They are excited about what they are up to- what adventure they are having, whether it be a trip, a fundraiser for orphans in Nepal or the cup of licorice tea in front of them.  They are interested in life and therefore interesting to be with.  Think about it when someone is talking about what they are really excited about they are engaging.  They put out energy!  When you are with a spirited person you don’t watch your speech, in fact your speech naturally changes to be affirming.  Their excitement is viral; it infects you!   

So, my dear one where in your life are you excited?  Can you focus on that?  Speak about that?  Most of the times when I ease drop on conversations (i do ease drop- so much fun!) I hear people complain- rather than talk about how amazing this or that is.  Where in your life can you dip into a little more excitement? Today what if you give up being spiritual and went for spirited?  

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  1. Jan on March 7, 2009 at 8:48 pm

    Good blog entry! well said! I’m reminded by the quote by Harold Thurman Whitman:
    “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."

    in other words, the world needs spirited people.

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