Be a Foot Soldier For Another's Desire

Have you been trying to make something happen for yourself?  Does it seem to refuse to come to being for you?  Consider talking the focus of of you and what you want and become a foot soldier for someone else’s cause.  

If something has not happened for a while for you  there may be a block to your abundance.  Focusing on it more and working on it may not work.  Consider trying to get the bottom of the issue your focus on it as a problem.  By taking your focus off of it as a problem it stops being a problem. Instead give your focus to another’s desire.  This  can allow your resistance to your own desires to release.  You are no longer focused on your problem and instead you take on another’s “problem” a fun challenge.  

Who do you know that can use your support to make their desires come to fruition?  If you have been trying to grow your own business, grow your friend’s business.  If you have been trying to meet Mr/Mrs Right become a friends cupid. 

Don’t tell your friends what you are doing.  Just do it.  Take action on behalf of someone else for a week, a month.

Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Healer, Heal Through Spirit, Seattle WA

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