Avoid Spiritual Bypass

As an Intuivitive Healer, I sometimes see folks who recite the latest self help book.  They know the answeres.  They know how to refrain their thoughts and yours, yet when I look at them they do not hold the enlightened energy they are professing. 

Their filed looks top heavy as if they ahve two fileds one above the neck and one below

These folks are Spiritual By Passers.  They seek to understand the Universe and how it works, seek to enter the unified felid.  They read books, listen to telesummits and journal… boy do they journal!

But they miss the mark. They refuse to acknowledge the emotions lodge in their own bodies.  They talk about love, joy and peace , but not their pain, their disgust their shame. 

What they fail to get is the doorway into peace, joy and love is thier pain. 

Colby Wilk
Intuitive, Psychic, Faith Healer
Seattle, WA

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