Are You Stuck…Quick Sand Stuck?

You have tried everything!  You have gone to workshops, therapy, engaged energy work and still your circumstances seem to be the same: same house, income, relationship status, health problems.  You are stuck- big time.

But, maybe it is not about trying to get unstuck or change your circumstances.  Maybe the “lesson” is abt accepting what is.  Stop fighting, struggling against and ……surrender.  You are single.  You are in your job, like it or not.  Your health is what it is.

What if you could grow in the direction you already are in?  There is no stuck.  It only appears you are stuck, in truth you just may be resisting accepting what is and your accepting can open a whole new world of possibilities.

How do you accept what seems so unacceptable?  Right now ask your understanding of the Divine for help to accept what it is you have been challenged to live wth. 

Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Healer, Seattle, WA

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