Accept Your Darkness

 There are parts of each of us that we would rather not look at- we hide these parts.  

These parts can show up like excess, addiction, selfishness, etc.  

What if instead of hiding them, ignoring them or trying to intellectually understand their true motivations we simply allow them? Ummmmm?  

What if you let yourself be an addict, be selfish, be negative, be critical what would unlock?  What gift might come forward?   What if you allow this part its full voice? What if you let if out of its prison, out of the gate, off its leash?    

Most, individuals think if they allowed the part to come fully in  it will take them over.  They will be left lost in the abscise and the part will be off it’s leash and cause certain destruction.    

Keeping this part down trains it to explode in destructive ways when it can finally escape.  

My suggestion is with a healing professional allow yourself to let yourself let this part come forward. Consider, what part of you are you not dealing with?  What part of you do you refuse?  What if you said right now, I accept all parts of me, even the dark.  The path to God must have something to do with complete self acceptance.

Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Healer, Heal through Spirit, Seattle WA


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