Who comes to see me

Most of the people who I get to work are involved in self-development and their spirituality. They come from all spiritual traditions and all economic levels. They have tried to change themselves and their lives, by reaching outside of themselves. Many have sought material gain, positions of authority, beautiful physiques to validate themselves and pursued spiritual technologies to unlock the mystery of well being. But after much effort, they still believe their past as an indicator of what is possible for them.

Journey into Embodiment

They know better, but can not seem to embody what they learned about reframing their negative thoughts, treating themselves with compassion and disciplining themselves to stay on task towards a goal.

After a long circuitous journey, they find their way to embodiment. They have realized the way to well being is by being willing to be guided back into their bodies where their lessons, karma and unfelt feelings are primed to release well being.

Many suffer from insomnia, digestive issues, allergies, inflammation, exhaustion, and immune issues. Life times of trauma, unfelt feelings and putting oneself last results in a nervous system under to much stress.

The Journey into Embodiment
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Who is Led to Embody?

1. Some have pursued spiritual possessions as a means to happiness, and sought beauty and fitness and found emptiness. These folks have achievement, often well respected in their careers, but do not have a sense of satisfaction or their true yearnings.

2. Others have pursued Spiritual technologies as a way out of suffering and dedicated themselves to enlightenment to clear anxiety, depression, and unhappiness. They have pursued many modalities, searched high and low for relief.

They have taken in energies from shamans, sound healers, gurus and the like, in the hope that more energy is better and may free them. They have overfilled their energy system beyond its capacity resulting in increased anxiety and depression. They are well developed psychically, sensitive to energy, highly aware of themselves, but are not peaceful, happy or balanced.

3. And there are those that have learned to take care of others and not think of themselves. Some parents are compelled into this situation by an unworkable family situation. Others are in helping occupations working as nurses, acupuncturists, teachers, and therapists. They have learned to accurately and quickly identify others emotional needs and meet them; they are more in touch with others than themselves. They have learned to ignore their own needs, supporting other people and are frustrated by the lack of support they receive.

4. Then there are those who have a sense that they never fully embodied. Life has always seemed threatening, and people odd. They may secretly believe they may belong to another planet, time or a different dimension. Many have trauma in their background, some abuse and are often overly sensitive and unable to handle others negativity. They have learned their body is not a safe place. They can feel purposeless, rudderless.

Welcome Back to You!

Regardless of what you are struggling with, I am glad to explore working with you. Embodiment is the journey into the here and now. It is facing off with you, embracing what has happened and grieving what did happen.

The method I work with is non-traditional. This is not to say people do not heal from traditional therapies. They do. But the process I have adopted is on multiple levels and uses multiple modalities in combination to change what seems unchangeable and heal what seems unhealable.

embodiment is the journey