What is Embodiment?

Colby Wilk intuitive, psychic, faith and theta healer offers workshops and classes to help wake you to your own divinity

To Awaken You Must Embody

Your body is the route to your healing and spiritual awakening. Within your body resides all that you are here to address: your lessons, karma, and unfelt feelings. When you wake to embodiment as your path you choose to honor what you have forgotten and avoided. You descend into your body and rediscover your natural wellness.

Who Comes to Embodiment?

Many people who seek embodiment are spiritual seekers who have attempted to transcend the body, approaching healing and their relationship with the Divine, from outside of themselves.

They may have improved their circumstances through therapy, workshops, past life healing, and self-help books. But they are still the same person on the inside, the same small child seeing the world, others, and themselves the same way they always have.


Core Change

Many of us are now realizing that core, foundational change has eluded us.

How do you change what seems unchangeable? Heal what seems unhealable? To awaken you must embody; Instead of seeking answers outside of the self you descend into your body where all that you came to address resides.

Enlightenment is an inside job.