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Let Go of Who You Were

How do you let go of who you were? When we hold onto past lives unconsciously, as if ...
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A client with Colby

Get ReMothered

Did you not get enough from your mother: love, support, compassion? In this practice with Colby, get what ...
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Students of Colby Wilk

Release Pain by Letting Go of Other Realms

Pain can be the result by asking the body to do too much. Visiting other realms may have ...
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Heal into Purpose

Gain the support of your beings by acknowledging your hear't desire. In this practice, Colby assists you to ...
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Get More of Your Soul in Your Body

The more of our soul we have in our body the more full, connected and grounded we are. ...
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Release Other Existences

Many folks would rather be in a different dimension time or planet. They wonder why is my life ...
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Interview: Increase Well-being by Directing your Field

On Dare to Thrive Colby is interviewed.  He teaches how to direct your energy field to increase your ...
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A Better Way to Ground

A Better Way to Ground Find a better way to ground by descending into the ground.  Feel the ...
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Open Your Heart and Gain Joy

Walk through a process to open the back of your heart so you enjoy more joy and ease ...
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