Intuitive help for intuitive young people

Let's face it — adolescence can be tough: a rapidly changing body, navigating insecurity and sexuality, the profound importance of fitting in with a peer group, and the pressure to succeed academically. That coupled with being highly sensitive, psychic or empathic can make adolescence a very challenging time.

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I was really sad for a very long time. I did not know why and nothing would help. Colby took me into this darkness in my belly and then it disappeared. I now feel like me again.


8th grader
Seattle, WA
Working with Young people

Self mastery

I know how to work with young people. For 15 years I designed and led award-winning programs proven to change at-risk behavior of high school youth.

Many young people feel no one understands them. They may have a hard time expressing what is going on inside of them. Young people may not know themselves and what they really want. The perceived pressure of their peers and youth culture can create a haze that keeps young people from their own knowing.

I use to miss my real Mom. She gave me up when I was born. I always felt mean to my adopted mom– like she took me away from her. I know that is not true, but that is how I felt. Now, I feel like she (my adopted mom) is my real mom. I really love her.


9th grader
Seattle, WA

Sensitivity becomes a gift

Having an adult in a child's life who can sense what is really going on can go a long way to help a young person feel more understood and be less self-destructive.

As a person who has learned to manage my sensitivities, I know how to help other intuitive, empathic people navigate empathic sensitivities without becoming overwhelmed and lost in what can seem like a pressured, intrusive, erratic world.

Sensitive young people learn techniques to ground, center, clear and balance themselves so they emerge as responsible, satisfiable, successful adults.

healing with young people