Hand reaching for the sun seeking healing from EMF Sensitivity
Hand reaching for the sun seeking healing from EMF Sensitivity

EMF sensitivity

We are electromagnetic beings and are affected by electricity in our environment. The increasing saturation of wireless radiation from cell towers, cell phones, wi-fi, and smart meters is polluting our air and living environments, causing unfortunate symptoms.

EMF symptoms can range from headaches, fatigue, stress, sleep disturbances, skin irritations, burning sensations, rashes, pain and muscle aches in muscles. The symptoms lead to isolation resulting in increased psychological distress.

I help people who are overly sensitive to anchor back in their body.

Colby helped my contract my field and taught me how to keep my field from being overly expanded. I felt immediately better and have now and it has been 3 years.

Laura Engell

Seattle, WA

Energy fields

When a person perceives something is not right in their environment they stretch their field out from their body to sense that which is around them.  This allows them to have access to more information.

Those people who have experienced repeated trauma often feel that they are under constant attack and as a result, have learned to keep their energy field over-extended. The increased field size has both made them able to spot trouble, but has also weakened their overall health. This is because over time, their over-extended energy field has lost some of its elasticity and its integrity.

blue wave going through a brown field

After years of a bad marriage, a bad job I was tired and when EMF hit I thought that was the end. I realize now I had been eroding my system for years. EMF was the sign that I was so far away from myself. I had been putting aside my resentment and feelings of rejection in an attempt to be positive, but I had not truly moved on. I was stuck there. It has taken some time, but I have stopped seeing the world as scary, I feel safer in my own skin and I am less at the effect of EMF.

Nancy Regini

Los Angeles, CA
Pink horizen with rocks in foreground

Reinhabit your body

By reinhabiting the body, a person can begin to feel the suppressed feelings that have caused their nervous system to become overly sensitive. Negative emotions are meant to be felt and expressed, but many have learned to avoid such feelings, storing them deep in the body. A person, for instance, may have learned as a child that the most important thing is to be good and get along with others.  This does not give this person room to be anything but helpful and compliant.  There is no room for them to express pain or resentment. After years of unexpressed negativity, the body gets too “full” and becomes unable to process energy effectively.  The body begins to become overly sensitive, setting the person up to become EMF sensitive.

After sessions with Colby, I experienced significant relief from a neck/back shoulder issue that had been bothering me for a couple of years. I had tried massage and acupuncture with no effect. The interesting thing is that I went to see Colby for something completely unrelated, but when checking my energy field during the course of the session, he came across stuck energy and asked if I was ready to let it go. When I said, "Yes!", I could feel the effect pretty immediately! I am happy to say the pain that was bothering me for years has not come back and it has been months!

Lindsey Swope

Owner and Operator Skalitude Retreat Center
Seattle, WA