Psychic Embodiment Healing with Colby

core spiritual healing with colby wilk

How It Works

With well-developed intuition, I sense into what has been locked away that is at the root of your suffering. I partner with you to gently bring your awareness back into your body and open your awareness to what is causing your suffering.   Together, we slowly deliberately open the source of your stuckness, in a way that is graceful and feels safe.

Psychic Embodiment

You will be guided to bring your attention back into your body  and rediscover parts of your self you have denied.  Addictions, unproductive habits and karma can finally be resolved when you reconnect to the truth stored in your body.   You are left in an open space, without the weight of the past, nor its circumstances and limits.

Deep-seated challenges may be resolved through an energetic transmission from higher forms of consciousness. Your Higher Self, angels, or even fairies, may offer you a healing so you can move what seems unmovable. These beings may share their perspective so you can see what you’re facing off with from a wider vantage point.

Specific physical movements are used to release the body’s genius to transform long-standing blocks. The movements of hitting, grinding and kicking can release deep-seated trapped emotions and make room for an increased life force.

Through an intuitive process, you will speak into all of Creation  to set new intentions with your helpers, guides and the Divine.

Because the personality or ego can drive us back into negativity you’ll adopt practices that redirect your energy field into a state of well-being. You will learn to navigate and direct your own energy field so you can bring your best self forward, in every situation, regardless of circumstance.

Core Change Is Possible
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  • Deeper sense of grounded embodiment
  • Greater sense of purpose
  • Increased life force
  • Improved emotional stability
  • Greater resiliency
  • Increased receptivity to love
  • Greater ability to be intimate
  • Increased presence
  • Competency at shifting into higher states of well being
  • A more positive, grounded outlook