God’s Hand vs. God’s Heart

Most are looking for God’s hand.  They want stuff, things, benefits.  They ask from the most high for  a new house, car or partner. They quote the power of the Law of attraction. That they are sovereign and can command the Universe to do their bidding. They treat God as a gum ball machine: insert  coins and get stuff. In short, pray and collect goodies

Other’s are seeking out God’s heart.  They want to feel God in their lives.  They pursue the most high because that is what calls them.  They seek the Kingdom, not riches

In my expereince, when you seek God’s heart you feel his/her presence. And nothing else is ever the same!

What if for the next month you stop asking God for things/stuff and starting to talking to God?  Simply, what if you take the time each day to build a relationship with God without an expectaion of pay out?

Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Healer
Seattle, WA  

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