Love Your Way Free

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Love Your Way Free

October 20 2018, from 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
East West Books, Seattle
Price: $25

There are some problems that can not seem to be overcome. They are perennial; they disappear only to return again. For some, it is the challenge of financial prosperity, lack of companionship, unclear life purpose, poor health. Created from Karma, negative thinking and other factors these life conditions can cause suffering. In this highly interactive workshop with Colby Wilk, Spiritual Core Healer, receive 3 energetic practices and 2 activation and discover spacious, ground and boundaries where there was suffering, fatigue and anxiety. Witness your outlook, mood and circumstances improve by accessing the universal energy and fabric of the universe: love.

Mentoring for Healers

November 10 from 11 AM – 6 PM
North Seattle
$315 Early Bird/$350 Regular Price

What is Mentoring For Healers?

Participants of Mentoring for Healers walk away with practical, powerful tools to create more immediate, permanent change. Regardless of the type of healing you do, you will receive specific guidance to amplify your impact as a healer.

You will be steered to open your awareness so that you connect more deeply into your own healing essence. As a result, your healing work will generate more immediate, permanent change. Regardless of the type of energy healing you work with or if you use a more traditional form/s of healing (chiropractic, nursing, cognitive behavioral therapy, etc), you will be guided to open your awareness to the subtle realms.

What you Get:

The group is limited in size so that Colby can watch each person demonstrate their work and provide coaching. Each Mentoring for Healers Intensive is different since it is dependent on what each participant needs and requests. In past Mentoring for Healers Intensives, some of the issues covered have been:

  • How to improve the “resonance” in your energy field so you can occur as trustworthy.
  • Growing your intuition so you “see”, “hear” and “feel” more and accurately.
  • Learning to recognize “the signal” when you are going in the right direction with clients.
  • Learning how and when to raise your vibration and when not to.
  • Learning how to only use energy from higher realms and not use your own life force to make a healing occur.
  • Learning how to move easily with clients’ resistance and through it.
  • Learning how to keep your sense of your own energy while working with clients.
  • Learning and practice getting information from higher realms and doing healings while under pressure.
  • Receiving “transmissions” and “downloads” to assist you to become more clear, open and intuitive.
  • Learning how to recognize when you are getting in the way of a healing.
  • Learn how to hold boundaries with others.

Space is limited so register to secure your space

$315 Early Bird when you register by October 20, 2018
$350 Regularly

Mentoring for Healers

Regularly $350.00 USD
Early Bird! $315.00 USD

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The God Habit

Energetic practices and activations to connect deeply, intimately & immediately with the Divine within you.