Find, Develop and Profit from Your Healing Gift

You’re a healer. You have something--something no one has taught you -- but what is it?  

You feel off path, you're sensitive, an intuitive.  Maybe you work to heal others and you feel unsatisfied with your career and life. 

You wonder, "Is there a gift inside of me that if I could bring forward would make me more satisfied with life, more effective as a healer and generate more income?"

Uncover the healing gift that’s native to your essence

Whether you’re a seasoned healer, or are just starting to feel a calling to heal, this mentoring program can lead to meaningful, lucrative work as you become a healer, expressing your own distinct, innate gift.

Who are you?

  • You’ve learned a healing technique, but what you’re doing doesn’t feel like your true work.
  • You wonder if you have your own unique way of working that is more powerful, fun and meaningful.
  •  You’re doing healing with clients, but you don’t know exactly what it is, or even if it’s safe or helpful.
  • You see the healing work you offer is making a difference, but it isn’t generating the money you desire.


Get on the path to a meaningful and lucrative career in 3 months.

This isn’t like anything else!

This isn’t another cookie-cutter program for success, or a high-priced, pre-packaged online course about how to market yourself, or another modality to add to your healer’s tool kit. This is a program to mentor you into finding and developing your distinct healing gift, and making it into a profitable business.

You will be guided and mentored to:

  • Bring out the gifts that are dormant within you--your own modality from your essence, a perfect fit for your personality, body and interests.  
  • Maximize your gift by solidifying your connection to its origin and purpose.
  • Develop a healing practice that is lucrative and meaningful. 
Puzzle pieces coming together is how Colby fused healing modalities together

What is inside of you can free you

Get out from underneath someone else's wing

Stop taking class after class, gathering healing tools and paying for credentials. Uncover the secret, distinct gift inside you that is a perfect fit for your purpose and body. 

You can make a living being you

You’ve been trained as a health provider or energy medicine practitioner. Or, maybe you’re a sensitive, empath or intuitive in a career completely unrelated to your spiritual/healing interests.  You recognize something is lacking. You don't feel like you’re fulfilling your purpose. You can't seem to find where you fit, and thus a decent living may elude you.

This package is not for everyone, but it’s definitely for you if:

  • You want to perfect your skills as a healer by working from your own healing blueprint, so you provide authentic value to others.
  • You want to ensure your health, and not burn yourself out as many healers and readers do.
  • You want to grow a deeper connection to your Spirit so you have a sense of your self that goes beyond circumstances.
  • You want to connect to Spirit and make a good living while assisting others.

What’s been keeping you stuck?

In a well-meaning attempt to contribute and serve your purpose, you pursued training, books and healers to raise your vibration.  However, what was latent in your nature remained hidden.  Left feeling uninspired and lost, you kept searching for that which what you bring to the planet -- that which is uniquely yours.  

You may look back and notice that you are, in many ways, worse-off than when you began the journey. Practicing a modality that is not from your essence can result in your consciousness evolving in a way that doesn’t fit your system, causing health and emotional challenges. 

Tired of making crap money healing others?

Colby Wilk intuitive, psychic, faith and theta healer offers workshops and classes to help wake you to your own divinity

I understand, I have been there.

Like many of you, I was trained in several healing techniques, but I was bored and dissatisfied. I started falling asleep in sessions. Sure, people were changing and paying me, but I was bored and unfulfilled. 

Then, I started doing something different with clients.  At first it was exciting, but then I became concerned. Was it safe?  Was it effective? Where was this healing energy coming from?  

I actually paid a well-known healer $10,000 to help me perfect what I was doing, but she could not see beyond her own training. 

Eventually, after much trial and error, I figured out my gift -- how to use it safely, effectively and profitably.  

Now, I want to help you find your gift, develop it and and make a good living with it.

Introducing: Find, Develop and Profit from Your Healing Gift



Find the gift that is native to your essence.


Develop your gift to amplify its power, impact and effectiveness.


Build a lucrative business deploying your gift to assist others raise their consciousness.


Because paradigm change doesn’t happen in one meeting, Find, Develop and Profit from Your Healing Gift offers 3 months of ongoing mentorship, teaching and support from Colby, a person who has made his living from his contribution.

Find Your Gift: Module One


Like a jewel in the night, what is yours to do is revealed. Sometimes it’s so obvious, sometimes it’s a direction you have long forgotten. But when purpose arrives, it’s a clear lightning bolt of knowing. This knowing resonates through your whole system. Your purpose is made clear -- crystal clear. 

You will be guided to:

  • Go beyond the modalities you have learned: Chiropractic, Nursing, Coaching, Therapy, Reiki, Theta Healing, Light work, etc. 
  • Discover your own healing blueprint.
  • Grow your intuition so you “see,” “hear” and “feel” more, and more accurately.
  • Come into brain, heart and body coherence, and open to your Muse, the source of inspiration.
  • Distinguish when you are making stuff up, and when your intuition is leading you.
  • Learn how to manage your sensitivity and feelings of overwhelm when you’re around others.
  • Conduct healings that go beyond stress management to address deep seated issues. 
  • Transform fears of being a fraud or of being persecuted into self-confidence and a sense of safety.

Develop Your Gift: Module Two

Gifts need to be refined so they can be deployed accurately and safely.  Develop your modality within an energetic container to amplify  grounding, alignment and personal boundaries. 

You will be guided to:

  • Discover the master being that sits over you and your work.
  • Work successfully as a healer even if you are not fully healed yourself. 
  • Learn how to work with animals, crystals, plants, land, dead people, and higher beings.
  • Hold boundaries with others so you don't sacrifice yourself, or take on your clients’ problems as your own.
  • Learn how to easily flow with and through your client’s resistance.
  • Learn how to get accurate information from higher realms and do healings while under pressure.
  • Work successfully with clients without having a clear sense of where the root of the problem is.
  • Release your needs to be liked, to be effective and to be seen as a powerful, effective healer.
  • Develop your ability to find where clients are vibrating, without vibrating at the same frequency.
  • Know when to hold your clients with love and compassion, and when to cut through their resistance.

Profit from Your Gift: Module Three

You and your work are as unique as a snowflake, so what’s going to grow your business needs to fit your specific energetic alignment.

You will be guided to:

  • Follow a workable path to building your business step by step.
  • Be able to clearly and confidently articulate to others what you do.
  • Show up in the most valuable way for your clients.
  • Know the group you are gifted at working with. 
  • Expand your ability to do virtual healing sessions.
  • Overcome resistance to marketing yourself and taking action to build a successful business.
  • Overcome self-sabotaging beliefs that have prevented your work  from becoming a full-fledged successful business.
  • Move away from trading or giving away your gift for free, to charging an optimal sum for your work.
Person doing yoga pose on a dock regaing balance like after a spiritual, intuitive , psychci healing with Colby Wilk

Why Now?

You can be an amazing coach, healer, therapist, or naturopath, and still struggle to afford the lifestyle you desire. Let's face it, if you aren’t making good money, it takes away from your ability to care for yourself and make a positive impact on others.

You could choose not to do the program. You could try to find your own gift, develop it, and build a business congruent with it.  And if you can do all this without support, you have my blessing!


    $1400.00 VALUE!

Session 1: Uncover the gift that is native to you

Session 2: Clarify and refine your gift 

Session 3: Remove obstacles to your gift

Session 4: Amplify your gift

Session 5: Nurture your gift's power

Session 6: Increase your personal alignment

Session 7: Express your distinct gift in accurate language 

Session 8: Develop an aligned strategy to bring cash flow from your gift 

    $3,150 VALUE!

*We will meet most Saturdays at 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern starting Sept 19, 2020.  Please share your your availability with Colby during your Free Consult so it can be taken into consideration. 

Workshop 1: Enter the container: find, develop and profit from your gift

Workshop 2: Safety first: develop your energetic basics 

Workshop 3: It's not you, it's who you know: find, develop and clean up your healing team

Workshop 4: Where do you work from: building a healing container for your practice

Workshop 5: Activate your super powers

Workshop 6: You're a freak: conquer your fears of being a healer

Workshop  7: Power becomes you: upgrading your field 

Workshop  8: Overcome client’s resistance

Workshop  9:  Make money without shame, fear or guilt

Workshop  10: Increasing the energetic strength of your business 

Workshop  11: Alignment: the only key you need

Workshop 12: Sell your offer by not selling




Not only will you get this awesome class, but you will also receive these cool bonuses for free:

    VALUE $638

  • Raise Your Vibration  (Value $49.00)
  • Upgrade Your Consciousness (Value $240.00)
  • The God Habit (Value $349.00)


    VALUE $149

Do you love life, but don't love your life? This full ceremony is helpful for those who can’t seem to get unstuck from negative people or circumstances.  Warning: this is not for folks who want to hold onto scarcity, fear or limiting beliefs. 


    VALUE $99

By their nature, healers are sensitive. Many healers’ work lends to make them even more sensitive, so they find it more difficult to function in the world.  Don’t make the same mistakes these well-intentioned individuals have.  Fortify your system by learning the Five Mistakes Healers Make, so you don’t weaken it by healing others at a cost to you.




12 Workshops valued at: $3,150
8 Private Sessions valued at:  $1,400
All the Bonuses valued at: $886



When you register by August 15, 2020

GET 45% OFF!  That's a savings of $2,439

Total Investment $2,997



Make 3 payments of $1,168 by August 15, Sept 15 and October 15

GET 36% OFF!  That's a savings of $1,932

Total Investment $3,504



Not everyone is a match for this program.  Thus, you must apply.  Together we determine if this program is a match for you and a fit with the intention of the program. 

To apply call 206-335-1180 Monday through Friday from 9am to noon PST.



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