Is your vibration rising at the cost of your well-being?

You came to ascension as a way of upgrading your consciousness, but find your body & emotions have paid a steep price. Anxiety, depression, headaches, digestive issues, food and environmental allergies are signs of a body asking you to slow down your push towards evolution.

Welcome to Ascension Redemption

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You’ve visited many well-meaning healers and teachers to heal and raise your vibration, but have developed food, chemical and environmental allergies and intolerances.
  • You have grown a tremendous amount from your pursuit of spirituality, but have become more isolated and overly-sensitive to the energy of others.
  • You have experienced the healing benefits of higher realms, but still go from practitioner to practitioner seeking remedies to chronic health conditions.


Are you an energy junkie?

Are you continually working on yourself so that you might heal, raise your vibration and have the life you have always desired?

But your well-intentioned self-improvement plan may have left your nervous system overwhelmed. You feel out of balance or have chronic health challenges and you need an intervention. Welcome to Ascension Redemption.


Yup, It happened to me!

I was an energy junkie, too. I went from healer to healer in search of bliss, health and well-being. I opened up too far and too fast and released more karma than my body could successfully integrate. I broke apart. The result was severe insomnia, uncontrollable weight loss, digestive challenges, as well as liver and spleen disorders. I even stopped working.

After seeing multiple health practitioners almost every day for 7 years, I slowly regained my health and well-being, while learning what caused the collapse.

I came to realize that in order to truly awaken, I needed to first make peace with being human. I now help others to do the same with joy and compassion.


This package is not for everyone, but is definitely for you if:

  • You want to feel physically better than before you started your spiritual journey.
  • You want to feel emotionally centered so you can navigate daily life while you raise your consciousness higher.
  • You want to embody your spiritual growth so you can feel fully present with others.
  • You want more consistent energy throughout the day instead of relying on caffeine, sugar and carbs.
  • You want to feel empowered to get your physical and emotional needs met.
  • You want to attract and nurture a bigger network of support that truly values you.
  • You want to overcome insomnia, digestive issues, anxiety and headaches.
  • You want to feel connected to the Divine without relying on hallucinogens and other drugs.
  • You want to become less sensitive to the food, chemicals and the environment.


You will:

  • Learn how to ascend spiritually at the right speed for your body. You will become more durable and less sensitive to the energy of others. This means you will be able to engage with the world more easily.
  • Release blocks to your evolution that have negatively impacted your health. You will become more connected to your higher aspects. This means you will be living more authentically.
  • Attend to the damage your fast-paced ascension has caused your body. You will become more healthy. This means you will be able to enjoy life more fully.
  • Form a cooperative relationship with your body. This will allow you to tune into your body’s own guidance system. This means you will have greater control of your health.

Finally a way to recover after doing to much to fast.


The package begins consists of 6 recorded Mp3s that are about 20 minutes each.


Welcome to the Matrix MP3

Colby will lead you into the energetic container created for the express purpose of your optimal learning and integration.

You will feel yourself receiving tangible support by your higher consciousness as you take the journey into awakened embodiment.


The Body Comes First MP3

Descend deeper into your body to release the symptoms caused by too much evolution too soon. Learn to co-create with your body to release the symptoms caused by too much evolution, too soon.

Train yourself to recognize the healing power of the body’s higher consciousness.


Energy Triage MP3

Crowded with incompatible energy, your system is overwhelmed. Remove these and other harmful energies to make more room for your essence


Gain mastery over your aura by learning to control that which comes into your space.


Feel transcendent. Return to yourself.


Enough of being restricted!

If your system has become too sensitive and overwhelmed by the energy of others, you can protect it by filtering your psychic space.

Learn how to stay clear wherever you are, even in the most chaotic environments with the most disagreeable of people.


Your Best Friend The Earth Mp3

Harmonize your system by accepting your place on this Earth.

Even if you have never been great at grounding, this track will help you to feel the Earth’s true presence.

Your system will find increased balance as you form a new relationship with your home, the Earth.


Fill in those spaces of your energy field that are vacant, without your essence.


Be introduced to elements of your psychic anatomy to learn how to bring yourself into a state of extreme well-being, regardless of circumstance.