What if you just stopped trying to change your life?  What if you stopped with you “to do” lists and moved out of action?

What if what is keeping your abundance from you is your resistance to having.  And your relentless effort pushes what you desire away from you. Your effort may be based in a belief and history that you can never have what you want.  You may hold that  hat you must try really hard to overcome the likelihood that you will never have it.  

Think do you really believe what you wnat can be yours or does it seem like it is at the top of a very huge mountain that you may never climb to the top of?  

If that is what you think that is what is likely to your realty.

The universe is well being.  The universe is not lacking in anything.  If you don’t have what you wish you must be resistant to it.  Why are you resistant?  Don’t know .  Maybe you are holding onto some resentment from childhood, have a limiting belief from your past relationship?  Who knows?  And it may not matter why you are resistant.  You can just stop being resistant and allow well-being to move  into you now.

Ask that you relax all resistance to well being and begin to imagine you allowing well-being to flow in to you and your life.


Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Healer, Heal Through Spirit, Seattle WA

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