Are You Addicted to Safety?

Most people intuitively understand that their is no “happily ever after”.  There is no riding off into the sunset to a castle outfitted with servants.  Many woman are waking up, buying their own homes, not waiting for prince charming to arise and take them away to a better land.  We accept that fairy tales are the stuff of childhood dreams and romantic, glassy eyed teens.

But as adults, many of us are still seeking safety the same way that child heard a fairy tale.. as something to hope for and strive towards. We wait to make a big move until we have enough money in the bank or until we have have enough buffer.  How boring.  Where is the excitement in living? When did we become so predictable?  So afraid?

We as a adults think of security the same way recreational drug users use drug as a fix, as a way to hold back reality.  Its a way we numb or ourselves from negative feelings.  We rap ourselves in a blanket of security to make life seem not so random.

One of my teachers once said in order to give up hopelessness, you must also give up hope.  Since, both she explained, require one to live in non reality.  Both hope and hopelessness refuse the present as something wrong, something to guard against.

I know so many people waiting to launch themselves.  They wait to make a change of career, to take a trip around the world, to make a large investment until they feel safe, but safety is just another drug.  The truth is we are never really safe.  Our ancestors understood this.  I imagine in more primitive times their was a saber tooth tiger at every impasse or a vile disease breathing down your neck every month or so. These people  understood safety as only temporary until something would show up to kill them.  They could not insulate themselves from risk, they lived with it, I imagine.

With all our antibiotics and air bags we have grown so accustomed to safety and we have deadened ourselves from what makes life interesting: risk. And we have lost the ability to trust in our ability to handle the unknown.  And in doing so lead a less then interesting existence.

Consider, if something is calling to you to take a chance. Maybe you can stop making safety such a priority and choose to live a little?

Colby Wilk
Spiritual and Energy Healer
Seattle, WA

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